E011-01, “INTEGER and SMALLINT data types (including all spellings)”

Apache DerbyBigQueryDb2 (LUW)H2MariaDBaMySQLaaaOracle DBPostgreSQLSQL ServerSQLitebbb(≥16 bit)  smallint(≥32 bit)   integer(≥32 bit)       int
  1. Not as cast target: cast(… as <target>). Use cast(… as signed)
  2. Accepts character strings (not statically typed or generously cast)

Normative References

ISO/IEC 9075-2:2023 does not define a precision for these data types.0 The bit numbers above correspond to the data type mappings for the C programming language.1

The data types smallint, integer and int where already required for Entry SQL-92.

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  1. ISO/IEC 9075-2:2016 §6.1 SR 30

  2. ISO/IEC 9075-2:2023 §13.5 together with ISO/IEC 9899:2017, § Sizes of integer types <limits.h>

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