This page lists some features I plan to cover next (in no particular order).

  • Window Functions (covered in slides)

  • lateral (covered in slides)

  • with recursive (covered in slides; example for an alternative listagg implementation)

  • grouping sets (covered in slides)

  • array (array_agg and array(<query>) are mentioned as alternative to listagg)

  • Multisets

  • within group (percentile_cont, percentil_dist, ...) (see listagg; covered in slides)

  • Transactions and savepoints

  • Transaction isolation levels

  • Temporary tables

  • Statement-level triggers

  • XML

  • Temporal databases as they become more widely supported (roughly covered in slides)

  • Updatable views

  • Generated columns

  • Boolean data types

  • fetch first (covered in slides)

  • Collations: locale aware string comparisons

  • cast

  • check constraints

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