Can I use… T131, “Recursive query”

Apache DerbyBigQueryaDb2 (LUW)bH2MariaDBdMySQLOracle DBcePostgreSQLSQL ServercfSQLitewith recursiveunion [distinct]cycleNon-recursive subquery: top-n
  1. Without column list: WITH RECURSIVE query_name AS (SELECT…)
  2. Without keyword recursive • No join in recursive branch—use comma-join (,)
  3. Without keyword recursive
  4. Use cycle … restrict • No using … sub-clause
  5. No using … sub-clause
  6. Workaround: use row_number() over() to implement top-N query


T131 also allows recursive views, which are not yet covered on this page.

Normative References

T131, “Recursive query”, is an optional feature in ISO/IEC 9075:2016-2. It first appeared in SQL:1999.0

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  1. SQL:1999, formerly known as SQL3 (Eisenberg, Melton)

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